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NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATGIRL!DETECTIVE COMICS #297 (Dec. 1980)Art by Jose Delbo (pencils), Joe Giella (inks) & Gene D’Angelo (colors)



do u ever just want to punch the world in the face

But it’s not about race, right America?

I’m actually so angry right now.
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Astonishing Landscapes: Nature and City Jones Place - California - USA (von chris.chabot) via Tumblr
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Celebrate the Fourth of July by watching horror movies.
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Enough said!

This ‘YOU CAN DO IT!’ shit needs to be -BACKED-.
I am all for the encouragement of urban gardening, but pretty pictures and platitudes aren’t enough. You need to be out there handing out dirt and seeds and containers, you need to be getting out there and building wheelchair-accessible raised community gardens and building seed libraries and showing people how to hang tomato plants off fire escapes and commandeer city land - and even THEN you don’t say ‘YOU CAN DO IT!’ you say ‘Hey, this is how to do it, if you want in.’
Telling people they can do it isn’t doing shit if you’re not actually showing them how and helping to make it possible.
Growing food instead of lawns is good, but can we PLEASE work on doing things to make it possible?
Maybe give people instructions on how to work with an/or fight their home owner’s association, how to appeal to a landlord, how to address local ordinances, and how to grow stealth food crops as ornamental plants in areas where food gardening is banned. Seriously, they will come bulldoze your shit and then bill you for it.
We need more posts instructing people how to guerrilla garden and found community gardens, and fewer posts saying ‘Grow food, not lawns!’
(Also we need to remember that some people will never be able to invest the money, time, and effort both physical and mental that it takes to have a garden, because they have personal care needs/care of others responsibilities/jobs/illnesses/physical disabilities/other shit to do/do not give a dull fuck about gardening and are perfectly happy with a patch of grass or even astroturf AND THAT IS OK TOO.)

Ok not deter anyone from doing this but just an observation I have about home gardens and shit:
To me it’s funny seeing white ppl with these gardens in their yards, like ur ppl literally destroyed whole ecosystems and forests, killed families of color and destroyed cultures, put them in jails and cities with little to no access to the resources that would enable them to have these plots of land, let alone a house to grow it in, have them situated in food deserts and then u kick them out of wherever they were staying in these under served urban areas, refurbish and buy the homes and set up these little gardens so that u can have fresh kale for ur breakfast smoothies.
Just rlly funny.

^Also 100000000% important commentary. The reason you folks HAVE to fight your HOA and the city to be allowed to grow food instead of lawns is because of -entirely racist- anti-gardening laws that are meant to keep out poor people, poc, immigrants, etc.

That last set of commentary.
Urban husbandry; minding chickens, or pigeons. Urban gardening; little kitchen gardens. All the restrictions in cities and suburbs came from racist, sexist and classist laws to prevent minorities, widowed women/single mothers and immigrants from being self sufficient when the ‘goal’ was to assimilate to a particular look/style of white upperclassness. Everyone’s lawn was supposed to mimic Washington’s Mount Vernon and the like.
During WW2 (I know at least in England) some of those bans lifted for ‘victory gardens’ to take stress off infrastructure and rationing and provide fresh foods. And then they flipped right around again because of the possibility of ‘certain people’ moving towards even a touch of prosperity due to some self sustainability.
From Canada to the US, black neighbourhoods that did such were ‘eminent domained’ and knocked down and laws put up to prevent any possibility of return.
Which is another reason I want to slap ppl who go; ‘But even the poor can grow such and such in a few pots on a fire escape or balcony’. NO THEY CAN’T. In many places that’s cause for eviction.
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See the art of George Condo, creator of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy artwork: http://bit.ly/1pSiwdk
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